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I'm an audio artist committed since 2016 to all aspects of Game Audio design and Music Production, as well as Film, Animation, Documentaries, Commercials and other media. Whether the project calls for Special Sound Effects, Foley Sounds, realistic or designed Ambiences/Soundscapes, Music Scoring or Voice Overs, I will take care of your audio needs with a personal touch, to give each project it's own voice, it's own identity.

I believe in seriously enhancing your Game, Cinematics or Trailers with unique music and sound FX to increase immersion; my projects are tailored to the client, the rates are very competitive and the quality is never compromised. Feel free to explore this website and find out the details as well as examples of my work.


Welcome to Rafinci Studio.                                                                   

I can edit and process dialogue and voice overs so they fit the mood of your game or project. Is him Sauron? Or a narrator for a Sports commercial? ;)

Great sound booth and audio chain for pristine recording.

Bespoke sound design, be it realistic or fantastic or futuristic, whatever the story requires! Detailed ambiences, great sounding personal and licensed libraries, and Foley recording to picture.

I often find myself spotting new sound sources and locations. My portable sound kit is always on the go. And my personal sound FX library, big!

I am a composer, musician and arranger, and my sonic palette is really versatile. I am equally at home with orchestral arrangements as with contemporary scores and synthesizers. 

And most importantly of all, I LOVE music.

I am able to integrate sound assets and music in your game using middleware solutions like FMOD, Wwise and Unity 3D.

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